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20 KVA Generator Price in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, power outages are almost a daily occurrence, raising the necessity of reliable backup diesel generators. A diesel generator is the most preferred choice among all backup power sources because of its versatility and the market demand created by the fuel it runs on. As we know, in today’s age, naturally aspirated engines are a basic need of the world. Due to their ever-lasting fuel source, they constitute the major power supply in case of any form of power outage. Therefore, diesel generators stand out as top contenders in supplying alternative power. Among a wide range of diesel generators, a 20 kVA diesel generator stands out as the most versatile option for commercial and residential places. But on what influence do the prices of these generators vary? Let us dive into the world of 20 kVA generators to acquire the most elucidating information on these generators and make a decisive choice.

Understanding the Price Flux According to Brand:

Diesel Generator Price in pakistan

Brand and Quality:

These 20 kVA generators are made for three types of fuels. Diesel, Petrol and Gas. Diesel ones provide the highest fuel economy and are more durable.

Specs and Features:

The features and specifications are some of the primary factors that affect the price of these generators. The generators with smart start/stop, remote monitoring, and soundproofing features are the most costly but also provide with better usability. Here are some competitive makers detailed with their specs and features.

Perkins 20kva Diesel Generator Price:

perkins generator A UK-originated, globally renowned as a leading brand that can provide the best value for money in terms of price, make quality, durability, and reliability. This is the top-tier product that there is in the market. Their flagship generators cost up to Rs: 2,200,000.  

Cummins 20kVA Diesel Generator Price:

20 kva cummins generator A USA-emanated brand that prompts right beside Perkins and is relatively equal in terms of performance, it delivers a decent package of fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and higher resale prices. It has a market price of Rs: 2,000,000.

Lister Petter 20 kVA Diesel Generator Price:

A British engine maker that manufactures diesel engines for diesel generators, lies behind Cummins at the price of Rs: 1,650,000. It offers a fine quality of fuel efficiency, less greenhouse gas emitting, has a decent size and portability, and easily maintainable generators.

Caterpillar 20 kVA Diesel Generator Price:

The US-based contender that is illustrious for giving top-notch service due to its sturdy construction and design to endure the harshest conditions and maximum load. It has a price tag of Rs: 25,00,000.

Yang Dong 20kVA Diesel Generator Price:

A Chinese brand that offers great value for a price that is not so outrageous. These gen-sets can provide top-of-the-charts performance and still demand no hefty maintenance costs. It has a price tag of Rs: 1,200,000.

Market Demand and Supply:

Every product has a market Supply and Demand. The 20 kVA diesel generator has the same criteria. These generators reach very high demand when the right season arrives or a surge in industrial activity, banking, telecom, health, or construction activities occurs.

Installation and Maintenance Cost:

Installation and Maintenance costs are required for any electrical appliance. Done by professionals, this can stretch out the life of the diesel generator which adds to the benefits but can also cost more than non-professionals to do the job.


There are various aspects that frame the price of 20 kVA diesel generators, for instance, brand, specs and features, market oscillation, and overall installation and maintenance cost. By acknowledging and planning according to these aspects, we can find a viable diesel generator that sets with our power requirements and would operate decently. If done the analysis and calculation, we can procure the most desired diesel generator that provides us relief against these continuous power outages.      


1 What is the Fuel consumption of 20kva generator

It Depends on the Engine If you have Perkins or Lister Peter engine it will consume 2.5-3ltrs per hour depends on the usage and load.

2 what is the price of 20kva generators

It depends on the Brand and Company if you choose UK Brand like Perkins and cummins, It will cost 2,000,000 - 22,00,000.
And if you choose chinese brand like, Yang Dong it will cost approx. 1,200,000.

3 When to change Oil of 20kva generator

Oil should be change after 250-300 hours of running. Note that it will depand on the load and usage.

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